Run faster with laughter! FREE BOOK!!!

Run faster with laughter! FREE BOOK!!!

The first step to improving your running is to chuckle more and train less. We are social animals. We love to laugh and run together. Forget the protein shake! Go for the endorphin boost instead - a double shot or laughter and exercise. We are delighted to offer a 5 min warm-up for your running. You can use it anywhere, anytime. It can be downloaded and stay in your cloud ready to be consumed at a moments notice! Best of all it's FREE.

The hilarious 'Handbook of Running Proverbs, vol.1' is dedicated to ALL runners. It contains 18 witty and quirky images of popular proverbs, but processed through a runner's mindset. Sweat, blood and tears...maybe. But we'd rather generate active smiles in muscles you never knew existed!

Click on the highlighted title to get the download - 'Handbook of Running Proverbs, vol.1'

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